Student Orientation Policy and Procedure

1. Purpose

This policy and procedure relate to supporting students to adjust to study at the college and to life in Australia as part of the College Student Orientation Programme.


2. Scope

This policy applies to all the current and prospective clients of the college.


3. Definitions

Student Orientation: A welcome and orientation program for new students commencing their studies at the college. The program consists of presentation, campus tour, enrolment and information that helps new student settle into the new study environment.


The National Code: National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students


4. Legislative Context

  •  National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 (Cth)
  • The ESOS Act 2000
  • The National Code 2018
  • ESOS Regulations 2001
  • Equal Opportunity Act 1995
  • The Australian Consumer Law 2011


5. Policy

5.1 The Institute is committed to providing all enrolled students the opportunity to attend an age and culturally appropriate orientation program which not only satisfies regulatory obligations but proactively works towards equipping students with all the relevant resources and information which the college believes will be of benefit to them in realising their goals as students of the college and visitors to this country.


5.2 The College will especially strive to provide information to students through the orientation programme that targets currently identified welfare interests, especially regarding best practice student safety.


5.3 The college will ensure that in the orientation session, all new students are informed about the training, assessment and support services, their responsibilities as student, key policies that impact upon their course progress and completion, and their rights and obligations at the college.


5.4 The college will make a copy of student orientation presentation on its website for information of students who are unable to attend the scheduled orientation session.


5.5 Students who miss the scheduled orientation session will be provided with a copy of the orientation presentation and information handed out during the session, and given an opportunity to attend the next program if they wish to do so.


5.6 All commencing students will be provided with a copy of Student Code of Conduct and a Student Handbook that contains the essential information about the college, studies and student life in Australia.


6. Procedure

6.1 Organisational

  •  The Academic Manager and Campus Manager meet at the beginning of each academic year for the scheduling and planning of orientation program
  •  Suitable guest speakers to the program are identified and invited, and forwarded the orientation programme schedule
  •  Staff inputs are sought on orientation program and contents
  •  The plan for the orientation program for the academic year is presented to the CEO for approval and modification


6.2 Operational – Programme Structure

The orientation programme should include at a minimum:

  •  A comprehensive and tailored presentation that addresses the needs of the target student group and adequately introduces a student to life at the college and courses of study
  • Information that addresses the requirements of the National Code Standard 6.1 and relevant SRTOs
  • Clear and simple explanation of the most relevant policies and procedures, especially the Course Progress Policy (and student visa implications), Complaints and Appeals Policy, and supplemented by the provision of print copies or reference to electronic versions of the same
  • Presentations by relevant guest speakers
  • Introduction to various college staff and descriptions of their roles
  • Instructional explanations of computer and resource use within the college
  • Student identification photograph session
  • Campus tour and OHS information
  • Critical incident overview
  • Course progress overview
  • Orientation survey


6.3 Gathering of Data

At the completion of the programme, all students should be instructed to complete an Orientation Evaluation Survey. The survey is should be collected and submitted to the available staff members. Survey data is forwarded to the Chair, Quality Assurance Committee for analysis and reporting.


6. Responsibility

The Academic Manager assumes operational responsibility for the management of the orientation programme and is delegated to assign tasks relevant to the administration of this policy

The Campus Manager is responsible for effective implementation and management of this policy and procedure.

The CEO has overall responsibility for the implementation and review of this policy and procedure.

Any complaints or breaches in relation to this policy should be reported to the Chief Executive Officer in person or by email to:

Get In Touch

Location: Level 1, 239 Church St. Parramatta NSW 2150

Telephone: 1300 678 379


School Hours: M-F: 9am – 3pm

Students’ rights

ACAB respects students’ rights as consumers of this course. We guarantee to provide high quality training and assessment services to our students in this qualification. As consumers, students have rights to complain, receive refunds, and ask for replacement course.

For details of students’ rights and obligations on this and other ACAB courses, please read our Student Handbook,