Student Admission And Enrolment Policy

1. Purpose

This policy is intended to provide a broad framework, and minimal requirements for determining admission to coursework programs of the college. This policy outlines procedure for approving admission applications and enrolling students in the relevant courses or units of competency.


2. Scope

This policy applies to all the applications for admission and enrolment into college’s programs received by the college from on-shore or off-shore applicants. This policy is relevant to staff handling and processing student admissions and enrolments, decision-making committees, and all the agents of the college, whether they are based in Australia or overseas.


3. Definitions

Course: A program of study leading to a qualification or an award. A course may comprise of units or modules. Also referred as “program”.

Pre-requisite: Means specified minimum requirements an applicant must satisfy in order to be considered eligible for admission to a particular program.

Offer: Means the formal notification from college’s Student Administration Office on behalf of the college, offering an applicant a place in a nominated program under specified conditions, such as location, mode of study, duration, course fee and type of place offered.

Admission: Acceptance of an applicant as a student of the college in the nominated course(s)

Enrolment: Allocation of unit(s) of competency as prescribed under each course as part of student’s training plan that leads to attainment of the relevant competency or qualification on successful completion


4. Legislative Context

  •  National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 (Cth)
  •  The ESOS Act 2000
  •  The National Code 2018
  •  VET Student Statistical Collection Guidelines
  •  Equal Opportunity Act 1995
  •  Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986 (Cth)
  •  Disability Standards for Education 2005 (Cth)


5. Policy

5.1. Admission Criteria

5.1.1 Candidates are considered on the basis of one or more of the following:

  •  Minimum entry requirements for respective courses
  •  Special consideration of educational disadvantage

English proficiency:

5.1.2 English proficiency must be demonstrated by an applicant for admission to ACAB by one or more of the following:

  •  a recent IELTS academic test overall band score of 5.5, with no sub-score less than 5.0
  •  Other English proficiency requirements pertaining to specific courses as listed on course brochure, prospectus or offer letter


5.2 Special Consideration of Educational Disadvantage

5.2.1 Applicants who feel that their educational achievements have been adversely affected by ill-health or other circumstances can specify these circumstances on their application, ACAB will take these circumstances in consideration provided such disadvantage was not previously compensated for by an education provider or certifying institution. Requests for special consideration and any supporting documentation will be considered in the admission decision.

5.2.2 The details of the special criteria, whether the criteria will be used in combination with standard admission criteria or in place of standard admission criteria, and the way in which the criteria are used to select applicants to receive an offer, are approved by the CEO on the recommendation of the Academic Manager.


5.3 Admission of International Students

5.3.1 ACAB will not accept or international students who would be under the age of 18 at the time they commence their studies at the college.

5.3.2 ACAB may offer a number of courses as a packaged program of studies and include conditions to be satisfied before progression from one course to the next course. Students who need to delay the commencement of their second or a later course because they do not satisfy progression conditions should make application to defer their entry to these courses. For deferred commencements, ACAB will assess all the application against the course entry requirements that apply at the new commencement date.


5.4 Pre-requisites for Admission

Pre-requisites are the minimum requirements an applicant must satisfy to be considered for admission to a particular course. Pre-requisites may include units or qualifications completed to a specified level of achievement, or other requirements such as particular qualifications, or work experiences.


6. Admission Procedure

This section describes the processes associated with admission.

6.1 Admission Applications

6.1.1 Prospective students seeking to be admitted to a course offered by the college must make application directly to the college or to an college/agent authorised to act on behalf of the college, as required. Application

forms and instructions, including the documentation to be submitted with the application, the method of application and application due dates are available on the college’s web site as well as the college reception.

6.1.2 Administrative staff processing new applications must verify the applicant’s academic credentials and the status of the awarding institution by means of, but not limited to;

  •  Where possible, sighting and certifying original transcripts, awards and other supporting documents.
  •  Accepting only certified copies of original documents for all applications made through electronic medium, post or through education agents.
  •  Ensuring that all the supporting documents are in good condition, legible; and if containing foreign language, accompanied by certified and verifiable translation in English.
  •  Matching and comparing the details of academic history and achievements stated in the application with that of accompanied documents, including full name, date of birth and date of completion.
  •  When available, comparing official academic seals, testamurs and transcripts with academic records of other past or present students from the same institute.
  •  For international students, ensuring that all academic documents are properly certified by a recognisable authority (e.g. Police Officer, Notary Public, Lawyer, an overseas Australian Mission or a local government official).
  •  When in doubt, bringing any illegible or doubtful documents or concerns to the attention of the Academic Manager and/or the Administrative Manager for further enquiry.


6.1.3 The Academic Manager will approve all new admissions. Approval signatures must be obtained on the application form.


6.2 Offers

6.2.1 Admission offers are made to applicants who are eligible for admission to the particular course under this admission policy. An offer letter with course(s) code, name, duration, fee, study period, and other relevant information is sent to applicants.


6.3 Acceptance or Lapsing of Offer

6.3.1 An applicant receiving an offer of admission must respond to accept the offer by the due date and by the process specified in the letter of offer.

6.3.2 If an applicant fails to accept the admission offer by the due date specified in the notice of offer, the offer will lapse and the applicant may have to lodge another admissions application.


6.4 Deferment

6.4.1 Deferment is accepting the offer of a place in the program but deferring commencement in the program for a specified period, especially where the circumstances do not permit students to commence their studies on planned dates (e.g. Delays in visa processing for overseas students). The maximum period of deferment is one year.

The process deferment will be guided by college’s Deferment, Suspension, Cancellation and Exclusion Policy.


6.5 Transfer

6.5.1 A student who is currently enrolled in a program and who has not completed the requirements for graduation from the program may under certain conditions transfer to another program as per ACAB’s Change of Course Policy and Procedure.

To be eligible for transfer, the applicant must satisfy the entry requirements for the intended program.


6.6 RPL and Credit Transfer

6.6.1 A person applying for an admission offer or having received an admission offer may apply for credit transfer on the basis of prior study or on the basis of relevant skills and experience. Credit Transfer will only be offered to students for units of competency obtained at the same AQF level as the course being applied for, unless they demonstrate appropriate levels of skill and knowledge at the required AQF level.


7. Enrolment

7.1 The college will enrol students in their respective courses once their application for admission into a course has been approved by the college and the conditions of offer have been met by the applicants.

7.2 Administrative staff completing enrolment will ensure that the students are placed in appropriate groups and provided with student ID, course information, timetable, and student log-in information at the time of enrolment.

7.3 Students not able to enrol in their scheduled courses as per the start date of their enrolment must defer their studies according to Deferral, Suspension, Cancellation and Exclusion Policy of the college.

7.4 All newly enrolled students must attend college’s Orientation Program (Student Orientation Policy and Procedure)


8. Enrolment Procedure

8.1 Student file is checked to confirm that all the required documentations as per the application requirements have been obtained and advance fees have been received.

8.2 Student is issued with a Confirmation of Enrolment, their application for admission into a course has been approved by the college and the conditions of offer have been met by the applicants.

8.3 Student details are entered into The Student Management System and student enrolment details are extracted and printed.

8.4 Students are sent a copy of their enrolment.

8.5 Student is provided with the details of the next orientation program (usually held a day before the commencement of an academic semester).


9. Responsibility

The Student Admission Officer has authority to make offers of admission to coursework programs offered by the college.

The Academic Manager is responsible for implementation and administration of this policy.

Any complaints or breaches in relation to this policy should be reported to the Chief Executive Officer in person or by email to:

Get In Touch

Location: Level 1, 239 Church St. Parramatta NSW 2150

Telephone: 1300 678 379


School Hours: M-F: 9am – 3pm

Students’ rights

ACAB respects students’ rights as consumers of this course. We guarantee to provide high quality training and assessment services to our students in this qualification. As consumers, students have rights to complain, receive refunds, and ask for replacement course.

For details of students’ rights and obligations on this and other ACAB courses, please read our Student Handbook,