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01. Couse Selection & Entry Requirements

Applicants selects from courses offered by ACAB

Course details and entry requirements may be viewed here:

02. Application

Through registered education agent:
Submission of completed International Student Application form together with required documents for processing to the education agent.

Direct to ACAB: 

Student sends completedInternational Student Application Form with required documents to:


03. Pre-entry Assesment

Pre-enrolment interview

Questions are very simple and easy to answer. This ensures that the course/s selected is best suited for the applicant’s career goal and to determine if extra support is needed.

Complete details about pre-entry interview will be explained by the agent or ACAB Admissions Officer

04. Offer

Once entry requirements and documents have been satisfied, the applicant will be issued an Offer Letter.

Please read the Offer Letter carefully before signing.
Feel free to contact any of our friendly Student Support Team Members if you have any clarifications.

05. Acceptance of Offer

To accept the offer, student must provide the following:

1. Signed Offer Letter
2. Proof of Payment

Please refer to your Offer Letter for Mode of Payments information

06. Visa Application & Enrolment International

Students must have a valid Australian Visa for the full duration of their course. Visit Department of Home Affair’s website for more information:

Orientation and Enrolment details will be sent to the students 1 month before the Intake.



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Telephone: +61 422 568 755


School Hours: M-F: 9am – 5:30pm

Non-Discrimination Policy

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