Fees and Charges

Course CRICOS Code Tuition Fee (per term)





Number of instalments Total Course Fee
Diploma of Leadership and Management 106051H $2,000 $200 $300 4 $8,000  
Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management 106052G $1,950 $200 $300 6 $11,700
Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) 106053F $2,250 $250 $300 6 $13,500
Fees Amount Refundable
Interim Academic Transcript $100 Non-refundable
Overdue tuition fee (more than 7 working days) $200 Non-refundable
Re-assessment fee of unit $400 Non-refundable
Re-enrolment fee No charge unit 2nd attempt Non-refundable
Refund processing fee $250 Non-refundable
Re-issue of photo ID Card $10 Non-refundable
Release Letter No Charge Non-refundable
Re-sit single whole subject $500 Non-refundable

Re-submission or late submission of unit

(within 1 week after completion)

No Charge Non-refundable
Re-submission or late submission of unit (after 1 week and more than 2 weeks after unit completion) $200 Non-refundable
Credit Transfer / RPL Processing fee $200 Non-refundable
Replacement Certificates / Transcript of Records $100 Non-refundable

Unofficial / General Documents:

Holiday reference letter, Invitation Letter, Course Progress Letter, Enrolment/ Attendance Letter, Leave Letter, etc.)

$15 Non-refundable
Course Deferment $200 Non-refundable
Contract Cancellation Fee $500 Non-refundable

Get In Touch

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Telephone: +61 422 568 755

Email: info@acab.edu.au

School Hours: M-F: 9am – 5:30 pm

Students’ rights

ACAB respects students’ rights as consumers of this course. We guarantee to provide high quality training and assessment services to our students in this qualification. As consumers, students have rights to complain, receive refunds, and ask for replacement course.

For details of students’ rights and obligations on this and other ACAB courses, please read our Student Handbook,